Recover Skin Vitality

The Qi beauty Age-Control Programs have been designed to encourage natural skin recovery through an organic process.  The Qi beauty Micro-Magnets activate a biological anti-ageing process, moving collagen and elastin upwards to naturally increase the organic compounds produced by the body to protect the skin from free-radicals, oxidative stress, and damage. The results? Long term, sustainable skin recovery with a system you can trust.

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The Science of Ageing

Ageing is the accumulation of damage, and the visible sign that skin is unable to repair as it once did. Internally; your cells are moving more slowly, they may be sluggish and tired, and are unable to keep up with the requirements of detoxification and repair like they once did. Stress, illness, smoking, sun damage, cosmetic contaminants, poor diet, environmental toxins and invasive beauty treatments contribute to ageing and low skin vitality…