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Qi beauty re-connects the energy skin needs for vitality, health and wellbeing

The Qi beauty Anti-Age Facial refers to treatments designed to encourage skin regeneration using Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques (SMST). In 2006 Qi beauty revealed results of Anti-Ageing treatments using SMST and Acu-Points to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles. There are 150 Trained Qi beauty Practitioners offering personalised Anti-Ageing Treatments.

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“Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques (SMST)”

There are different delivery methods of SMST for anti-ageing and age-control. Specific SMST are personalised to target your skin conditions, concerns or deficiencies in skin vitality; tone, complexion, sagging or loss of volume. Over time, your personalised SMST are adapted to change as you do, this adaptation is the foundation of successful long-term age-control.

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How SMST is used to improve your skin

Stress, illness, smoking, sun damage, cosmetic contaminants, poor diet, environmental toxins and invasive beauty treatments result in low skin vitality. Low skin vitality, and the inability for skin to repair, can speed the ageing process, contributing to skin conditions such as broken capillaries, fine lines, sensitive skin, breakouts and dehydration.

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